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Drums and Colours

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These are an important part of the regiment. The drums and colours act as a central rallying point for the troops both on and off the field. This was very important in Civil war times as there were no set uniform colours of the time and in the smoke of battle it could be hard to differentiate between enemy and friend.

The Colour coloured by an Ensigne is the core and soul of the Regiment and in our case Backwell's B;ack Greyhound 'Willy' is a integral party of the Regiments identity. It is a point of honour for all Blackwell's on the Field. that the Colour is NEVER lost to the enemy, so t is always one of the greatest compliments to be given this role of Ensign

Equally as important to the troops are our drummers . They help direct soldiers on the field by using a serious of drum calls that bring the regiment to order, let them know when to advance and l when to give ground or retreat and are invaluable for keeping us going on longer ,arches to and from battle. All important on any given day.


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Camp Followers

Though all the talk of fighting with big sticks and going whoosh-bang sounds fun it isn't everyone's cup of tea. For a somewhat quieter but no less important a role, camp following could be for you.

If you have young children or a disability you can find your niche here. Roles include water carrying and First Aid on the field of battle.

Fun can be had by all, the choice is yours and nobody minds if you don't want to fight. We're all a great team which makes up the regiment - come and enjoy - if camp following is too dull, you can always build up to fighting.

We are the non-combatant assistants in the Regiment, whether we take the field or not. Our aim as individuals in whatever we do is to enjoy ourselves as much as any other members of the Regiment and in our own sweet little way; Those of us who take the field are either certified (first aiders) or uncertified (water carriers), we are all still vital to the machinery of war, as the Shotte and Pike would not be able to carry on, especially on the hotter musters, if we were not there to keep them hydrated and in the case of the Shotte extinguising burning cloth.

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