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The original regiment

Sir Thomas Blackwell's regiment did exist during the actual English Civil War. They were mainly based in the south west, and were formed by a lawyer - Sir Thomas Blackwell. He put together the regiment to support the King. They served with Queen Henrietta Maria's army based in Oxford. As far as we know Blackwell's first saw action at Burton-on-Trent. They also took part in the siege of Gloucester, before heading across country to take part in the first battle of Newbury. They were involved in many battles and skirmishes, and were last heard of in November 1644, after which they were probably amalgamated with other small regiments. If you want to know more then members will be happy to chat.

The current regiment

Blackwell's the second and modern day incarnation was formed in 1975 as part of the newly formed English Civil War Society. Like the Blackwell's of old the modern day Unit comes from all walks of life. We welcome all who have an interest and current members come from all parts of the UK. Since we started, Blackwell's have taken part in many major re-enactments of Civil War events and a wide variety of smaller events across the entire UK.  Comprising Pike, Musket blocks, Cannon crew and camp-followers - you can even see a clip of us in the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, in which we sing our regimental song "The Good Old Way".

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